Screen blank (off) but not broken. no accesss via USB. how to delete or recover data?

Symptom: phone seems to boot, but nothing displayed on screen (have successfully tested current screen in 2nd phone and also alternative screen in).

Question: what to do? no access via USB. cannot do backup. cannot do hard-reset (i.e. erase data).

FP2 worked fairly well, mic module changed twice, restarts every now and then. Generally working okay.
On the way to airport (of course!) display goes funny — as if it had a connection problem. I take it off, clean contacts and restart. Half screen visible, some touches recognised only after a few tries. i give up and think display broken (no physical damage).

A week later I return home where i have a spare working FP2. I try spare display on phone - no results. I test display on spare FP2 - it works. I connect FP2 to USB - no drive shows up (default to charge only). I try adb devices - it shows up but cannot connect (probably not authorised).
I try hard reset, but without anything on the screen that’s a challenge…

Ways forward If it’s gone it’s gone. I would have liked to delete my data off it before returning to fairphone for recycling… Any thoughts?

Does the display (at least sometimes) return when you carefully press together (thumb and pointing finger) display and core module in the “3 o’clock” / “East” area (when you view the display with “Fairphone” at the bottom)?

Fastboot mode and then fastboot format? …

pressing the right side of the display (behind which the connector to the motherboard is) doesn’t do anything unfortunately…

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