Screen behaves strangely

For two days now I have the same issues.

I took a video of the problem in action:

Like with others in this thread, if I twist and push the case just right, the phone is usable for some minutes, but it’s not much fun this way.

I have also ruled out a defective display module, as I have swapped it with my girlfriend. The problem continued to appear on my phone.

So I suspect a loose contact like defect on the core module.

I would really appreciate any tips on where to look for it.

Also @mmeese did you ever find a resolution for your problem?

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finally, I created a support ticket i which i described the problem (noisy coloured screen) thouroghly, and called support.
They advised me to send the phone in, assessed it and replaced the whole phone because it was indeed a motherboard connection issue.
Replacement was very smooth and easy!
–> does your phone show noisy coloured screen as well or just the flickering?


There’s an update in the “Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2” thread where MaxD describes a fix that seems to have helped for him. I will try to do the sime with my phone as well soon.

I’m happy to hear you got a replacement. Unfortunately my phone is now over 3 years old and the warranty has long expired.

I’m currently in the process of migrating to another phone as my primary phone. Once that’s done I’ll try to repair the issue myself, as I’m convinced I just need to find the loose connection. The post @twagoo referenced looks very promising.

I will report back once I’m done.

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I have now done the procedure described in this post as @twagoo suggested. So far it seems to have fixed the problem!

If the problem doesn’t re-appear over Christmas, I intend to make a video of the procedure, so others have an easier time figuring it out.

Hi guys, I experience a sort of similar problem. Already sent my FP2 for warranty once, half a year ago.

Problem: screen starts tilting, basically moving all over the place and looking a bit like @mmeese with the “zeit online” photo.

Cause: I noticed that it occurs when the phone is quite hot. In summer it occurs on warm days when kept in my pocket for longer periods of time. Last 4 cold months nothing happened. When I went on holiday to a sunny island, problems occured again. When walking outside using google maps, the phone was practically unusable. Although this time I managed to reduce it by holding the phone in front of the airconditioning when we were on the road. I’m going to resend it for warranty, but maybe this case helps you in figuring out how to fix this annoying problem.

Edit: I do not have a noisy pixel problem, only a screen that tilts all over the place.


I have found a solution that works for my FP2 :slight_smile:
I had also been struggling with this annoying display problem (screen sometimes unresponsive or multiple copy of part of the screen or image warping)
My solution is to apply a conductive paint (aka electric paint) on the 17 metallic rugged-like surfaces of the motherboard :paintbrush:

For the records, I haven’t dismantled my phone so often : perhaps less than 10 times.
I think that the problem is the electric connexion between the metallic blades of the screen and the metallic rugged-like surfaces of the motherboard that seem to have been like badly scratched by the metallic blades of the screen, as we can see on this photo :

I had already cleaned up the contacts with Isopropyl alcohol, but with no success.

I have never used electric paint before applying some on my FP2.
I have this product (the 10 ml tube is far enough) :

In fact I bought it in the “Electric Paint Lamp Kit”, which could also be a cool activity :wink:

The paint is RoHS compliant, so it should be safe for the health.

For the first application, I used an opened paper-clip, but I applied perhaps too much electric paint (too thick)

When it dries, the paint can sometimes crack.
nevertheless, my phone had nearly no screen problem for approximatively 2-3 months :slight_smile:
Then, I again had some screen problems :exploding_head:
Approximatively 10 days ago, I saw that some applied paint had cracked and so; I applied again some electric paint but this time with a tiny brush, in order to apply 2-3 thin coats of paint on the metallic rugged-like surfaces of the motherboard; and now my FP2 is up and running again :partying_face:

After the first application (3 months before), I let the paint dry for a night, but this time, for the second application, I just let the paint dry for an hour or so.
I think that perhaps it’s better not to let dry the paint too much because by being a little undry, the metallic blades of the screen will perhaps make a better contact by molding their way in the “fresh” paint when the screen is slided back in place with the motherboard.
But perhaps it would be better to apply only 1 or 2 thin layers of paint and let them dry for a night ? :thinking:

I hope my trick will be useful and if some of you test it, I would be interested in your feedbacks :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I am doing a little update.

Applying electric paint does clearly solve the problem, for me, but only for about 20 to 30 days.
I was been doing this for about 9 months …

I think that the problem is that the electric paint; regardless of the thickness of the paint or the duration of the drying; begins to crack due to the torsions of the phone by using it every days, by being in the pocket, etc.
The workaround would be to find an electric paint that does not crack, or to torsion the phone to a minimum…

And for some applications, like Google Maps, my Fairphone 2 was not usable anymore : it takes minutes to be ready with Android Auto and after 1 hour, the FP2 is so hot that it doesn’t work anymore.

So, to use my FP2 at home on simple applications, why not, but not outside for daily use.

Finally, I have decided to move to the Fairphone 4 :innocent:
I am very glad of it : it’s so much quicker and smoother :+1:
It’s another world :star_struck:

Have a nice day !