Screed DEAD after following instructions for disassembling

While the core seems to be working, the screen is dead, which is why I can only switch on the phone but then nothing happens. It happend after I dis- and reassembled it, and repeating this has yielded 0 results. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO NOW?

What fucks me up is that this happend when I followed the instructions BY Fairphone to disasseble it, to get to the serial number of the camera when asked for it BY Fairphone. I feel completely fooled. Any advice in the forum so far on the issue tells me to disassemble the phone and reassemble it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This is what started the whole problem!

I wanted to send a warranty case to the Tech Team, regarding a none working Bluetooth and issues with focusing on close-ups for the camera. When the form asked me to give the serial number of the camera, I followed fairphones OWN instructions to disassemble the phone. As i didnt have a small screw driver to actually get to the camera, I only disconnected the display and then put it together again right away. Now when switching it on, it vibrates, but the screen is obviously disconnected. So now I took it apart a couple of times, once it came on, but the touch screen did not work, after more taking apart and putting back together, it always stays black.

This is making me so mad! I was a complete supporter of the product and its ideas from day 1 and now I feel sorry for the many people I persuaded to buy on. This is the last drop today, but really I have had sooo many issues with basic stuff, I do not recommend to anyone anymore, I regret getting it, this is A FUCKING JOKE!

Have you told Fairphone support about this? (I can’t make out whether you filed the support request or not). If you have filed a support ticket and got a response, are they refusing to fix it?
If you haven’t, contact them anyway, as I don’t think there’s much fellow Fairphone users can do to solve this particular problem other than giving more tips on how to check screen alignment etc…


Actually I dropped in the course of handling this problem i accidentally dropped the phone from approx. 20cm and - Tattaaaa - it worked again. This is why I didnt file a report for that particular problem. But my report regarding the camera actually got me a new camera which I just put in - again, following the provided instructions - and, surprise, now the screen stays black again. I am trying to stay calm this time around, just reconnecting and disconnecting and carefully dropping from minor hights. But I am also filing a support request.
If there is any more advice on how to check screen alignment in the meanwhile, please provide.

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Are you sure you have completely pushed back the screen to its place? Often there is just the last half millimetre missing…

:open_mouth: I don’t know what to say.
Well actually I do: Stop doing that. Please!

There are just two things you can do:

  • #disassemble the screen again and carefully clean the connectors.
  • Contact support, tell them parts of the whole story and hope they don’t find out you intentionally dropped your phone.
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dont worry, that comment about dropping the phone was not meant seriously. Its just that that seemed to have been the solving factor last time. I did check, the screen was always right in place and all contacts cleaned.
Actually by now it has randomly started working again, so that case is solved. But now I have a problem with the battery not charging anymore. It never seems to end. Im currently trying the hard reset and hope that this might do the trick. wish me luck. otherwise without phone over the weekend. will be lonely.

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Well if the slight drop was the thing that fixed your issue the last time that indicates that in fact something doesn’t fit just right. Judging by your charging issues it may be the battery that doesn’t sit well.
I just added a new chapter to the #batteryguide so now you’ll find out how to fix a loose battery there.

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