Scratched screen bezel

Evening all.

Dropped my phone today… I feel really stupid, I normally look after my things and I’ve never damaged a phone before, but it was cold and it just slipped out of my hands.

Everything works and the screen didn’t break, but there is a horrible ugly scratch in the white bezel around the screen, right by the power button.

I’ve looked on the support area and found the instructions for replacing the display, but I can’t figure out how it’s put together.

My question is: Can I buy and replace the bezel (in brushed steel to match the battery cover please!) or do I have to buy a whole new display unit?

I don’t think you can get that part without a new screen. Actually I think its part of the screen and not meant to be separated. At least in this Guide on how to replace the screen the white part is never separated from the rest of the screen.

If I were you I’d get a Case for 18€ that covers up this cosmetic defect rather than buying a new screen for 70€ or a B-Ware Screen for 40€.


The white bezel on my FP1 is also somewhat damaged. Right now, we can buy a spare metal back plate, and the black midframe, which is awesome.

But if we could replace the bezel - because the white bezel on the first edition FP readily acts as a crumple zone for the screen - that would be great. I would love for a next version Fairphone to have a replaceable bezel!