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Thanks @leomakkinje

I see that now answers to a post or hidden behind a number. Is this default or could that be changed back? I find those “discussions” in topics not very well-arranged and this small numer can be overlooked quite easily when scrolling down.

Edit: more confusing its both I think , whole conversation plus in-conversation discussion strings (or however this is called)…

Can you point me to a post that shows what you mean? Because I don’t understand what you mean by “discussions in topics” and “in-conversation discussion strings”.

Like here the small little 2 at the left

Is this really a new thing? Or is it just that the word “replies” is no longer behind the number of replies?

I think the “duplication” you are seeing is just so obvious here because unlike in some other topics, these direct replies (using the grey “Reply”) to a post have also occured right after the post with no other non-direct replies (using the blue "Reply) in between.

I think here’s an example how it looks like some Discourse versions before: Feedback for v2.0 - Build Feedback - /e/OS community I believe the only difference is “2” vs. “2 replies”.

EDIT: I think the omission of the word “replies” is mobile version only. :thinking:

For me thats new. Blue and grey reply? Dont understand nor what you mean 2 vs 2 replies as I only checked mobile so far.

In the past it was like this when I responded not to the latest post in the topic but to one several posts “higher up”

Now its also cumulated below this post I reply to when I click on this number.

Grey reply:


Blue reply:


Ok I never use the “blue reply” still if not new I dont think that this is related to what I mean?

Yes, that seems to be the case indeed.

Well, a blue reply does not result in the things you marked in green. Grey replies do (and for me I cannot see a change here to the previous state of Discourse).

Those little numbers (with or without replies) to the left def did not exist until todays update it was as it still is the e/OS topic you linked…

Well, I guess then this is primarily about the mobile version. In the desktop version I don’t see a change.

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to compare from the e/OS link, to prove myself I dont go mad :wink:

Windows PC Firefox

Same post FP5 Vivaldi

Well as I not use the forum very often on my PC, it seems I never paid attention to this “2 replies” and its actually only newly visible on my mobile