Scheduled Forum Maintenance - Friday November 18

Due to scheduled maintenance the forum will be temporarily unavailable on Friday November 18 between 09:30 and 11:00 (GMT+1).


Will the new Chat feature from Discourse also be enabled? If so I would recommend to only enable it for at least trust level 1 and higher, not for TL0. Chat is harder to moderate and repeating questions of new users may occur often. Also, some people might not create topics, thus the knowledge base, which is the great thing about a forum, may be lost sometimes. I’ve enabled Chat on my forum. So far it works great though.

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No. A few moderators tested the new sidebar in the sandbox environment. The overall feeling was that we shouldn’t enable the new sidebar just yet.


For Chat the new sidebar isn’t needed, but it does integrate nicely with chat, indeed.

  • Forum maintenance started at 09:30
  • Forum maintenance completed at 10:18
  • Security updates have been installed
  • Discourse has been upgraded to v2.9.0.beta12
  • Obsolete Discourse plugins Konami and Post Abbreviations have been removed
  • Release notes can be found here:

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