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Due to scheduled maintenance the forum will be temporarily unavailable on Friday April 1 between 09:30 and 11:00 (GMT+2).


It would be a dream and make me the happiest person on earth if the automatic dark mode switcher would find its way in:

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what a pity. the dark mode has not taken hold again…
well. Nothing can be done. Community wishes are rather not on the prio list

Strangely I’ve become used to the light mode, and as my system is usually dark this light is an acceptable change, but I do wonder what a dark mode would look like.

Maybe a prompt, hint, nag will work? :slight_smile: Though I’ve heard some say it is ugly :frowning:

Hey amoun … it would look … dark - of course :laughing:

There are a few screenshots concerning that dark mode if you try a web-search. Not sure if this is showing the lasted tweaks but as an impression:


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Yes thanks, I had seen some and wasn’t particularly impressed. I may have to do Firefox:/userContent tweek to have a really custom option.

possible. like in iode forum:
i can chooese between: system, dark, light
so i can force dark or light theme of the forum independent of my waterfox theme or linux system theme.

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I think that’s only easy to apply when they don’t use their custom theme. I read somewhere that they are planning a new theme this year. So maybe it will happen by then.


Suppose you’re referring to this post :slight_smile:


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