Save the date in Berlin: Heldenmarkt (7-8 Nov) and community event (5 Nov)

Hey all,

I want to make sure our community saves the date for the Heldenmarkt in Berlin on 7-8 November. Fairphone team members will host a booth to share our story and demo the Fairphone 2.

Has anyone attended in the past? Or any of you who already have plans to go this year?

We’re also arranging a community event during that weekend, most likely Thursday 5 November. If there are forum members who want to contribute to the event (ideas for the program or what you’d like to see happen there), please DM me! If there’s more interest, we can also start a separate thread.

Otherwise save the date and we’ll see you soon in Berlin.


I went to the Heldenmarkt in Frankfurt last weekend. They have some cool stands there and the range goes from food over electronics to upcycling products. Fairphone only attends the Berlin Heldenmarkt though. So what I wanted to say: Besides the Fairphone stand, the rest of the fair might also be interesting for some of you guys :wink:

I’d love to come! I am not sure if I could come on Thursday though. Thanks a lot for coming!!


Yes…nice! :grinning: I will be there (Heldenmarkt)!


Hi! Will there be the possibility to buy spare parts (batteries for FP1U)? Then I would come for sure! If not, does anyone have an idea if it is possible to get spare parts in Berlin or to organise a batch-sending of batteries to Berlin? Thanks!

We plan the Berlin event to be a community event and will not have full resources from the support team on-site. Right now we’re still only offering batteries online through our webshop.

from what i’ve heard from friends, berlin heldenmarkt is a pleasant event. so i will come this year.

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Sound interesting. Berlin is still 220km’s away from my location, so i am not sure i can make it. I think for other coming from a bit more remote locations, friday would be better for a community meeting because it’s much easier to leave work early on friday and people who also want to visit heldenmarkt do not need to take off 2 days from work.


I missed out on the Heldenmarkt last year. Now I have a good reason to go there this year! I can’t wait to have a look at the Fairphone 2.

Looking forward to your “Urban Mining” conference/workshop as well!

See you there guys :smile:

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It was great to meet some of you at Heldenmarkt and at the Community event. If you have any stories, experiences or pictures to share, please do!

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You (FP) do no’t have some for us, not beeing there?

Go over to Twitter to see photos: :smile:

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OK, thanks for the tip.
But, oh man, how I hate to check continuously twitter/FB/Instagram/vimeo when I want to know/see some results of an official event from FP…micro-blog I am wating for you!
Infos are clattered through the web instead of collect it at one place (yeah iI know…https://www.fairphone.com/we-are-fairphone/ exists…)

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Here are some pictures of the community event taken by us!

Here is the venue from outside

People showing their Fairphone

Phillipe and Sebastian from support repairing peoples Fairphone 1

iDoc took the Fairphone 2 apart to show the audience

At this table people got disassemble the Fairphone 2 themselves. Tina explained the different features.

You can always find more on our Flickr account:


Awesome. When and where will be the next such event?