Save contacts external without cloud

hey FP users! I was trying for 2 hours now to save all my contacts and export them. there were several problems, in fact I couldn#t make it. Can someone discribe a easy way? Thanks Peter

I’m using A13 on an FP3

Open contacts > Three dots > Select all > Share (this creates a file) Select how to send and where to send i.e. send the file to another device.

I’ve just tried and exported to my PC


Are you using the stock OS and stock contacts app? As said above that will generate a .vcf

A convenient tool for backing up quite a few things is My Phone Explorer , lots of others of course.


this is something I talready tried, but it seams that the downloaded file contains only one cantact. It also seams that the file is to small (only 180KB) to contain the 1300 contacts I wanted to store.

The size of the file seems fine, how are you reading the file?

If you use Windows Contacts app you can only see one at a time, keep pressing [esc]

The file is there as a backup but there are way to view, try importing to another phone, or open with Notepad or a text editor.

WARNING: Better not press the [esc] as you will have to do that 1300 time, open with Notepad :slight_smile:


Just open it with Notepad

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