"Sandisk SD card missing" message appears at start up

I get this message when I restart or switch on the (new) FP3+.
“Sandisk SD card missing. Insert device again”
I have ejected and re-inserted it a few times to no avail. If I just carry on to start up the phone, it seems to detect that there is an SD card present.
Any ideas what I can do?
Is there some way I can check whether it’s a card issue or a phone issue? Maybe I need to buy another card (although the card was new too)

When you first inserted the card, did the FP3+ prompt you to format it? Do you remember which formatting option you chose – phone storage or portable/mobile storage?

SD cards formatted as phone storage have kept causing issues with FP3s on Android 10 in this forum recently. I strongly recommend to choose the other option.

Have you already saved things on the card?


Thanks, that’s so quick. I was asked and formatted as phone storage. Nothing as yet saved on the card. Maybe I need to take some pictures? … or import something from my pc?

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I would really recommend to reformat the card to portable/mobile storage. After that, it might take virtually and physically ejecting the card once before the FP3+ realizes the change fully.


OK great, thank you, something to try

Indeed, as @urs_lesse advises, formatting as external storage is always a better idea. Also, on the FP3 on FPOS it is known to cause issues. You can check the #sdcardguide for details.


Could anyone perhaps help out and clarify what the two options are actually exactly called on the FP3? I keep describing them with multiple terms just because I cannot check myself what the precise wording currently is.

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