Sandisk 64GB Class 10 not recognized by FP2

Hi there,
I can’t get FP2 to recognize my Sandisk 64GB Class10 sdcard. It’s extfat formatted and runs in my laptop and in a galaxy s4.
An older Samsung 32GB Class6 card however works fine. What can I do? Reformatting? Hopefully not since it’s full of data ;). Seriously, any clues? :wink:

Hi @saski,
I use the same sdcard that you have. I had the same problem and had to reformat the sdcard. Right now I don’t know another solution to this problem, sry.

You could maybe move all the data to your computer or a hard drive, then reformat the card in order to keep all the files. (But it’s time-consuming)

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Hi, thx for the quick answer. Yeas I was afraid of that so I started backing up. Takes ages but WTH ;). Did you format the sddard with the FP2? If not what Filesystem did you use?

Erased SD with FP2 works fine now :slight_smile:


good to hear :slightly_smiling:

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