Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Charger for FP3?


I’m thinking about getting a FP3, and I wanted to know if I can keep my charger.

I read in the pdf about Qualcomm QC compatible chargers, that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Charger is for QC2. So it will work but charge slower I guess? But will it do any harm to the battery?

About the cable: I know I will have to get a USB Type C. Does it have to be compatible too, or can I just get any USB type C cable?

(Please excuse my english :slight_smile: )

See here, section “Charger and cable specifications” … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032166752-Charge-your-Fairphone-3.

If you have to get a new cable, you would be on the safe side if it was USB-IF certified.