Sailfish OS Android Support

I have installed Sailfish OS 2.2 on my Fairphone 2 and would like to
try it out. Unfortunately, I find nowhere the android support.

As far as I know there is no Android support for community builds of Sailfish OS like the one for FP2.

See section “Community enthusiasts’ ports to devices from other vendors” of

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At least no Android support up to now… @mal is working on a Anbox port, but struggling with kernel patches at the moment.


My guess is: it is nearly ready, but @mal is a known perfectionist who calls stable Software alpha release. So a real beta release of Anbox would be called pre-alpha by him, which he wouldn’t release :wink:

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True :wink:

In comparison, Marius Gripgarden is far more optimistic ! See UBports Q&A 36 from minute 12:20 :
" […] Most of the thing like Touch and Network should work, there is still no other hardware support other than those two, so no GPS no Camera, nothing like that, there is not even Keyboard: so we can’t type anything […]" :smile:

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