Sailfish OS beta4 release

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Actually, you don’t need to boot to your OS at this point! Once you flashed the system.img and the NON-HLOS.bin, just reboot to TWRP recovery and install the sailfishos zip.


As Fairphone announced the next beta with a lot of bug fixes (e.g. switching off with new camera modules and so on), a build.on the basis of the coming version could be a good idea.


@mal I am.using the port for several days now and I have a huge battery drain. Top/htop shows that there are processes

/usr/sbin/sensorfwd -c=/etc/sensorfwd/primaryuse.conf --systemd --log-level=warning --no-magnetometer-bg-calibration

These processes use 10…15% (according to htop), battery drains fast and the whole system feels somehow slow, e.g. characters show up with a short delay after typing and so on.

Have I f***** up something?


Did you correctly flash the old modem partition as mentioned in instructions:

  • Download FP2-gms59-1.5.1-manual.zip
  • Extract files from the zip and locate file NON-HLOS.bin
  • Run as root: fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin


Thank you! I’m 99% sure I did it, but just to be 100% sure I did it again and will check it’s behavior over the day.


Shame on me, it seems I may have forgotten the step… After flashing SFOS to my FP2 so many times it finally happened :wink:

OK, the battery drain is gone, but the phone still seems somehow a little bit slow in every aspect. Like there was a small delay. But maybe it is just me, as I have an XA2 with just beside the FP2?


I added a kernel fix for the device shutdown issue when using new camera. It’s now available in devel and testing repos. To update your device run version --dup. I didn’t update the release images so the fix is currently only available via OTA update. I will include it in release images for next Sailfish OS release when that happens.


Thank you @mal !
Update successful and no more reboot when shutting down :slight_smile:

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The open terminal on my Ubuntu laptop told me: “Flashing successful! Your Fairphone 2 will now run Fairphone Open 18.04.1.” The second time ever I used the fastboot command.
I am so very happy. I had to remove the battery in between because the phone continued its starting/switching off without ever stopping, after my last trial. I used my first FP (the one which stays mainstream because I need the app from the Deutsche Bahn) to recharge the battery.
Over the next days I will play around with FP OOS before going on to Sailfish OS. FP OOS could possibly go on my first FP if I find a solution for the railway tickets. This second one with Sailfish OS is meant to be a gift to somebody.
This is to say thank you to you all for your help.


For that you could need installing MicroG on FPOOS (guide) or going towards LineageOS+MicroG


Thank you. I will try this later. Right now I have installed Sailfish OS.


How did you exactly do this? My FP2 does it since the FPOOS install, and now with Sailfish OS it keeps doing it. At least I got the battery drain thing fixed according to the instructions from mal.


I followed the instructions on wiki, chapter " Over-the-Air updates, Updating Sailfish OS via commandline:"

In summary, instructions are:

  • Open shell with normal nemo user preferrably via ssh
  • ssu release
  • ssu lr
  • devel-su zypper clean -a
  • devel-su zypper ref -f
  • version --dup
  • sync
  • poweroff


Thank you, now the phone stays put when shut down.


I too can confirm that after an OTA update I can now finally poweroff the phone for good without any issues. :tada: