Sailfish OS beta3 release

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Yep, usb was not connected, and bluetooth was off all the time.


If your question is how to install android apps, this is not (currently) possible because it’s a Community port, thus Alien Dalvik (licenced) is not available.

As far as I know, @mal is currently working on porting an Alien Dalvik substitute: anbox :slight_smile:


Well, my question is rather the following:
If the phone cannot power off, and the search function of the jolla store doesn’t work, can this be any related to what I have done during the installation?
Is there any way that I can solve these issues by installing sailfish OS differently? Maybe flashing different Android images?
If not, then I guess I should browse more forum pages…


In my opinion you installed correctly :slight_smile:

  • The phone that doesn’t power off with new camera is a general bug of FP2, and will/could not be solved in Sailfish before Fairphone team solve it and release a (modem.zip) patch.
  • For the jolla store : AFAIK it’s normal that aptoid is not available without AlienDalvik.

-> Does any reasearch in the jolla store gives 0 result, or only aptoid is not found?


Any search, even with one letter, returns an empty list. Not even a message explaining that ‘no results were found’, not even ‘0 results’… Just the search bar with my keywords, and nothing below.


The interesting thing is that Ubuntu Touch doesn’t suffer from this bug (but it has other problems with the new camera module).


As I still need some Android-Apps, unfortunately depend on Alien Dalvik (which is not available for obvious reasons) or on Anbox. Therefore, I am even considering to exchange my FP2 with one of those XA2s :frowning: Is there any news whether @mal has made progress on the integration of Anbox? I hope so, because I am convinced that if he succeeds, I can give up the experiments with Sony, as everything he codes prove very stable so far :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, my SMS problem was a layer 8 problem :frowning:

I have a multi sim contract and SMS only work on one of my sims. I had to switch the SMS usage form the first (main) sim to the second sim. Now it works as expected.


@mal: Hello mal i see a version at http://repo.merproject.org/obs/nemo:/testing:/hw:/fairphone:/fp2-sibon/.
Update as usual?

Many thanks again :slight_smile:


I was just about to make quick testing of the release image I built using testing repos and then make the announcement if it works as expected.