Sailfish on FP3+ without rooting?

Is rooting the correct word? I’ve been using an Xperia XA2 with Sailfish X as my replacement phone for the past couple of years, and recently my primary phone broke so I’m back to the Xperia. I REALLY love sailfish. It’s a fantastic OS. But my only problem is that none of the Android banking or money transfer apps work (like the norwegian app VIPPS for transfering money) due to the phone being rooted (rooted?). Does the fairphone have to be “cracked open” in order for Sailfish to be installed?
EDIT: I should add, I understand that Sailfish for FP3 is not currently available (?), but I guess I am wondering if the phone will need to be unlocked in a way that will prevent sacure android apps from working in order to install another OS then Android. Also, is it possible to roll back to android should one experience issues? This is not possible on the XPeria. Kind of annoying :frowning:

I can’t really answer your questions. But here are a few thoughts.

In order to install alternative OSes the bootloader has to be unlocked.
I’m quite sure you can always go back to stock rom using the manual installation method described on the Fairphone support pages.
As far as I know only the “premium” version of Sailfish can run Android apps. Except for the few Sony devices all other devices just run the “community edition” that comes with no Android app support (I’m unsure about the status of anbox which could make it possible for the community editions, too).


There is currently no SFOS community edition for FP3(+), but that wouldn’t change the situation.

Rooted in this content just means “not an authentic version of Android”. Where authentic means that it is whitelisted by Google, and as a consequence that you are not root on the machine. A sandbox/emulator/VM, which is what runs on SFOS when you run an Android app, counts as rooted. So it does’t matter if you run Anbox on x86-32 or SFOS with license or SFOS community edition (though latter doesn’t have Android emulation).

Only thing I got to add is that on FP2 we got lucky (or well, I was, not sure everyone was). Even on a rooted LineageOS, things like Netflix and banking apps still worked.

Possible workaround is using another bank. Some banks also work in a web browser.


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