S/MIME certificate validation problem

Hi community,

I recently got an FP5 from my company. I use this in enterprise mode (privatespace and workspace).
I tried to install my S/MIME certificate, which was gernerated from ssl.com. The import was without problems but I can`t activate signing or encryption. When I look at the certificate details then I see that its tells me that the verification expired somehow. I have no error message.

How can I solve this problem?

I got an new gernerated S/MIME certificate from ssl.com to ensure that nothing is wrong with the certificate. The problem is still there.

Hi MrShuffle and welcome to the community.

I’m no expert but did you check that the relative root certificate is pre-installed?

Root certs can be found by going to Settings > Security and privacy > More security and privacy > Encryption and credentials > Trusted credentials.

On my phone there are four roots from SSL but that’s no guarantee that the right one is among them. You can display details by tapping a certificate.

Recently there was a topic about a different S/MIME problem. I assume it won’t be a solution for you but over there the problem was that a certificate did not work in emclient but the same certificate did work in Fairmail.

So just as a cross check, could you try if it works in Fairmail (an open source client)? That may give a hint if it’s the cert or Outlook causing the trouble.