Running iPhone applications on Fairphone?


I am interested for a application that is reserved for the iPhone: the frend “Larousse Thesaurus” (paid app).

Is there a possibility via FP2 to have access to it? Maybe via an emulator?

Have you ever tried?

Is this close to what you’re looking for? It’s a free app from the Google Play store.


No, it’s this:

If you can’t find the App on the Play Store, it’s not available on Android. But even if it is, you’d have to pay for it again, since you can’t transfer apps between Android and iOS.


Bonjour Mape,

Tu as essayé celle-ci?

It’s no the same: the thesaurus is not present

Ce n’est pas la même application: il n’y a pas le thesaurus …

Peut-être en achetant via iTunes (par l’'ordi), puis en transférant l’appli sur mon FP2 ?

Maybe by buying via iTunes (by the computer), then transferring the app to my FP2?

Hi Mape,

you cannot run iOS apps on Android and vice versa, sorry. The platforms are technically very different.

Otherwise, the description for

sounds pretty similar to

and explicitly mentions

140 000 synonymes, homonymes et contraires

Sounds pretty much like Thesaurus functionality to me. The standalone app that you’ve mentioned above is from 2014 and no longer available. You can see all current Larousse apps for iOS here:

Best wishes,


Unfortunately no, it is not at all the same thing.

Could an emulator not allow you to read an iPhone app?

As teezeh already said: “you cannot run iOS apps on Android and vice versa, sorry. The platforms are technically very different” and there is no emulator.


Ok, I’m giving up on the idea.
Thank you all for your responses.
And happy New Year !

An internet search suggests there are emulators, or perhaps there were, as it is unclear to me whether they still work … and I would guess Apple would actively work on their side to stop them from functioning.

But here’s a streaming service …

It looks like the Larousse Thesaurus is “outdated” and no longer supported.
Therefore it is not available via the playstore and it does not seem to be listed on the apple-page as well:

The direct link of course might still work.

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