"Running apps list" dialog randomly closes

I can’t be sure if it was like this since the beginning, or if it was introduced afterwards, but I noticed the following problem:
When clicking on the “square” icon (i.e. the one that shows the list of apps running, which can be closed by swyping right or left), the list of apps displays without a problem, but if I start closing apps, the dialog will be left at seemingly random times.
To clarify, an example:

  • I have 10 running apps, so when I open the “running apps” dialog by pressing the square icon, I get 10 tabs.
  • I start swyping to close some apps, with the goal in mind of closing all 10 apps.
  • After a variable number of apps is closed, the dialog is left and I’m back to the main screen
  • As it happens pretty fast and I’m still in the “closing apps” mode, I end up changing from the main screen to some side screen.

The problem is greater when I’m not trying to only close apps, but also when I want to choose a different app running after closing a couple of them, since then I will end up clicking some random app of the main screen, with unwanted effects.

This issue happens, i’d say, 80% of the times, and since I tend to do this many times a day (closing running apps), I fall under this behaviour often, which is pretty annoying.


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