Rooted phone is not coming started up

ok i rooted my phone and i use kingroot apk and after i download a rom the rom app name was xblast and after i open it i edit some stuff in the rom app after that i reboot my android rooted my phone than it got suck on the start up logo and how can i fixed it please help i need that phone .

Model SM-G360P

phone name is Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE

please help fix it i am mad and sad :rage: :angry:

Perhaps you can on look Google, this forum is only for the Fairphone and not for Samsung.

@Lidwien i did look on google but nothing

Well you better try again on Google with the words “samsung galaxy prevail lte root problem”.
As nobody on this Fairphone forum has a Samsung, I am afraid we can’t help you more.

As this forum is for Fairphone devices, we cannot help you here.