Rooted device - how to "unroot"

Fairphone 3: For certain apps, I get the message “access not allowed, this is a rooted device”. Mostly bank/identification apps. What does this mean and more specifically, how can I “unroot” a device?

Rooting your phone gives you more access to it. Think of it like having an administrator account on Windows that actually lets you do everything (Microsoft still blocks stuff, even for administrators). You can do much more with your phone, however this includes being able to mess it up if you just try things out randomly.

The FP3 is not rooted by default, so the notification on your banking app is wrong.* I would suggest to contact your bank to tell them that and also FP support so they can loot into it as well.

(*Unless you rooted it yourself or bought it second hand from someone who rooted it.)

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Actually, interestingly, when I first got it, I didn’t get this message. Then I had to send it back to the Fairphone factory because there was a pixel problem and when it came back, I started receiving these messages.
Is it possible that the rooting was done there?
And still: how can I undo this?

Sorry can’t answer your major question, but you might use an app like root verifier to be even more sure that your device is rooted…

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