Root FP2 with twrp error

HI, i have read all the guides on the forum to flash twrp but have not found a solution to this problem. I’m trying to flash twrp to my phone with Android platform tools . I put my downloaded in the correct map and named it recovery.img. i get error(in powershell as admin) “fastboot: error: cannot load ‘c:\recovery’: Permission denied” with .img removed. and the full recovery.img get’s “fastboot: error: cannot load ‘c:\recovery.img’: No such file or directory” it is in the correct directory. what am i doing wrong?

Can you move or copy the .img file into the platform-tools folder? If yes, try again:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

(or rename the file back to twrp-3.5.2_9-0-FP2.img and use that instead of recovery.img)

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There are official instructions, just saying …
(They amount to what @urs_lesse already said to do.)

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Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately those solutions doesn’t work, I get the error “fastboot: error: cannot load ‘c:\recovery.img’: No such file or directory”” again.

To be honest, that error message suggests that you entered something different from the line I wrote. When it’s in the right folder, there is no need for a path, just the file name (including suffix).

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instead of putting it into the plattformtools folder, just put the file elsewhere and copy the complete path so command is something like fastboot flash recovery “C:\Users\ym\Downloads\twrp.img” I think how you name the file is not important, but the official instructions say name it twrp.

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To spell it out more clearly: You continue to write “c:\” in front of recovery.img when Power Shell is telling you repeatedly that it can’t find recovery.img in c:\ .

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actually that never worked for me, it only works with the complete path

Certain OS- or Shell-specific peculiarities will always apply and make things more complicated.

I’m pretty certain it would work without any path

  • in Windows cmd (instead of fancy new kid on the block Power Shell)
  • as an administrative user (which most users are on their private Windows machines)
  • with all the necessary files in the working directory (which isn’t hard).

(I’ll edit this to add more conditions to be met if I can think of any more … it shouldn’t need a Blood Moon and/or magic circles at least :slight_smile: .)

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It does for sure, else the instructions would not state so, but at least I was not intelligent enough when I copied the img file into the platform tools folder, but the other way (copying elsewehere and just copying the entire path) works for me like a charm, also it might be more the noob way :wink:

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