Root FP2 to use xprivacy (hide business contacts from Whatsapp)

I’d like to install xprivacy to comply with european DSGVO. Using my phone for business my customers’ personal data is stored in my contacts. Using WhatsApp I am no longer compliant.

But xprivacy requires root access to the operating system. Do I just have to install xprivacy - i can get in on play store - or do i have to root the mobile first using any other device?

Do I loose any warranties from fairphone when I do so?

Thanks for helping me

As you might expect, it’s a bit more complicated… For (the old) xprivacy you have to use xposed module, which is probably not easy to install. (You have to have a recovery that lets you install zip files. I’m on LOS now for quite some time, so I can’t say how difficult this might be)
The newer xprivacy.lua might be easier, but then, you also might have a look at Island, which lets you install apps in a sandbox. You could install WhatsApp in that sandbox and only put the contacts you need for WA in the contacts of the sandbox.

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