Root fairphone 4

hi there,

i just got my new fairphone 4. I now want to root it, is that officially supported and how to go about it?
I’m always annoyed about all phone and tablet producers because who would buy a laptop or desktop pc without admin access? having no root access is pretty much the same. There should be a law against it, sorry for the rant and thanks in advance for any pointers!

The magnifying glass icon at the top of the page is a search function :wink:Search results for 'root fairphone 4' - Fairphone Community Forum


that is very kind @AnotherElk I had done that already (not a total n00b) but I couldn’t find the right answer in regards to the official support, found only unofficial stuff

adding for other folks:

Here you go :slightly_smiling_face: (for the unofficial way)

Official will never happen…