[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-GSI 17.1 for FP3

F-Droid is fully integrated in the official LOS17.1, but Aurora services isn’t. Concerning Aurora I see 2 options for you in the official LOS17.1 after installing it via F-Droid:

  • If you chose fastboot oem lock your LOS17.1 device, use e.g. the native installation method within Aurora
  • If you keep the bootload unlocked, you may download https://github.com/fwg-cag/treble_build_los/raw/lineage-17.1/AuroraServices-v1.0.5-ota.zip and adb sideload AuroraServices-v1.0.5-ota.zip via TWRP (donnot forget to mount system first and uncheck ‘unmount system before installing a zip’ in the TWRP settings!). So, Aurora Services will be installed and survive the next LOS17.1 OTA, but you still may update it this way once required.
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I started learning how to use TWRP (and Magisk), with those tools and your links and advice, this should go well.
The last question to myself is using the microG Lineage version or the official branch and adding them myself…

Thank you for the answer and the link!

Hey guys,
I use the official build from microg-website. Since this is updated once a month I have a question: Who is the person taking care of this?
Does updating work automatically once the build works or is there someone who does it manually?

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