[ROM] [UNOFFICIAL][DISCONTINUED][Q] AospExtended v7.3 for FP2

Hello all,
I present to you my first ROM for FP2 based on @chrmhoffmann’s LineageOS 17.1.
AospExtended is a custom ROM with stock feel and includes lot of customization.

What works:
Everything that works in LOS 17.1

More details and screenshots: https://forum.xda-developers.com/fairphone-2/rom-aospextended-rom-v7-3-t4131663



Nice !
Never heard of AEX before, I’m glad you ported it to FP2 :slight_smile:
According to the xda post, Google Apps are included? If it is from OpenGapps, which flavor is it (nano, pico)?


It’s not a port. I’ve built it from source.
Yes, GApps are included but they are not taken as zips from any of the sources. They are integrated as part of the build system.

If I get more response I thought of working on few more Custom ROMs but, it looks like not many are interested which is sad.

Well … over years now LineageOS has established quite some following here for reasons (e.g. yearslong committed maintainer, proven daily driver fitness, established update process).
An official AOSP Android 9 supported by Fairphone is in the works for users who want to have official vendor support for their degoogled Android.
/e/ is also out there based on LineageOS (currently Android 9, preparing Android 10) with the backing of a foundation.

The Fairphone 2 currently is a tough market for other Android Custom ROMs, if you’re not just in it for the fun of building Custom ROMs, but really want to have people using it as their daily driver OS.
Any new Android Custom ROM will be interesting technically by default, but it will need time for users to pick it up. This might work better if the Custom ROM offers something other Custom ROMs don’t. Google Apps for instance can easily be installed via Open GApps, with the user having control about how much of them they want.

What does your Android 10 do better on the Fairphone 2 than LineageOS 17.1?


Thanks for your time working on this, @TeamB58! The Fairphone 2 is far from dead, fortunately.

Excuse me if the following sounds a bit rude or negative, but bear in mind I’m just trying to help.

Including binary GApps in a ROM is not something you can do without Google’s approval and, anyway, it’s not something desirable nowadays in general, but even less here in the privacy-aware Fairphone community (check out #livingwogoogle, for example).

Also, you lack links to the original sources and your own changes, to comply with the GPL. These are enforced in XDA, so keep it in mind. If you want some visibility, I can invite you to the #wearefairphone organization at GitHub.

Why do you say so? The FP2 community was historically a community eager to test and try different OSes. A lot of users run LOS or /e/, some users run Sailfish OS as their daily driver, the FP2 is one of the officialy supported devices for UBPorts, and we even had a port of Firefox OS! I’m sure some users will be intrigated by your work here. Just be patient!

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

The highlight of this ROM is not inclusion of GApps. I just added it because stock version did not even have dialer or messaging app. In order to avoid flashing GApps package again I decided to integrate.

AEX is one such community which has included lots of customizations from various other open source communities. Instead of me telling I request you to have a try and experience it once. I am sure you will enjoy more and will give positive feedbacks.

Sir, I have not included it as extra. It is part of the build system. I just enabled it so that they get added. If that is causing so much of an issue then I shall remove it in the next release scheduled this weekend with July Security Patch.

Sir, in the very first line I have mentioned that it is based on official LOS for FP2. On top of that I have few local changes to fix some minor issues.
Thanks. Sure, I’ll be glad to join.

Thank you.

New version released.


  • Removed GApps
  • Updated to latest July security patch.

Thank you community for the support.

@Roboe please change thread title to [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL][DISCONTINUED][Q] AospExtended v7.3 for FP2


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I am an “average Joe” user having Lineage OS on my FP2. Still I do not know which benefit your ROM offers in comparison before switching. It is like an attempt to know which car to own after I sold mine…

Done (although in this forum topic openers can do it themselves, I think).

If [DISCONTINUED] means what I think it means, well, that was not a strong case for this ROM then.

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