Hey all,
There are a lot many custom ROMs out there on the internet. Since most of us are very much used to LineageOS, I found another similar ROM out there which is similar to LineageOS but with lots and lots of additional features. and that’s AOSiP ROM.

Some screenshots:

More description and downloads: Head over to XDA

All basic features that are working/not working in LineageOS 18.1 are working/not working in this as well.

Looking forward to the community’s feedback and suggestions.



ONLY for GApps lovers:
Want to get a feel of official FP3 Android 11 before the release? :grinning:

Well, I’m personally using the GApps variant of this ROM and I’m enjoying it. But, because of some bad experience I had previously, I will not be sharing it publicly.

If you’d like to try it then you can PM me.


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Hi, only out of curiosity since I don’t own a FP3, what is there more than/different from LOS?



  • Theming - Change colors, more options for Dark mode, Lock screen tweaks and much more
  • UI Customizations - Status bar tweaks, Display tweaks and much more.

These two would be the major ones. Have a look at the screenshots in their official website. You’ll get a clear picture.

(Also if users want, I can make one for FP2 as well :grinning:)


So, do I understand it correctly that the ROM for FP3 is made by you on the basis of AOSiP?

The reason I am asking is: a ROM seems to be a piece of software which has to be trustworthy. I understand that there is always a large potential of evil action of a ROM, but at least I trust LOS and the maintainers here in the forum. So if I trust you there is also a level of trust in a ROM you work on :wink:

To be more clear, AOSiP is a custom ROM which is build by keeping LOS as base.

My contribution is, I have built it and made it compatible for FP3 by taking changes from LOS’s device and kernel tree.

That said, security and trust level should be same as that of LOS since LOS is the base for this.


Thanks for explanation!

Three more question: is signature spoofing possible to use it with microG?

How will updating work?

Are the firmware updates from LOS included?

Well, since this is very initial work I will not go into very much of details.

By default, signature spoofing does not work but I shall think of it in future. I haven’t tried microG as the GApps version is looking very good in my device.

Updating, since this is unofficial I have to do it manually. I am planning to use this personally so yes, I might update it regularly.

Firmware files, will be from the latest stock build that you had as I don’t plan to include them here(it’s simply extra work to add them everytime as they are not changed).


To test it and perhaps use it I would love that!


I thought it was a joke. ‘Sure’ meaning there was more than enough work already ??

Joke? What’s there in this to joke upon?

Apologies I though you were joking as ‘Sure’ is often used preceding as a tongue in cheek opposite, where I reside (UK) and I thought the references to the work was an example of how much you had to do. So the final ‘I do it for FP2 too’ I thought was the final straw in the joke.

Anyway glad to know you are capable of the intellectual work and have the will and energy to do so.

All the best :slight_smile:

Can you also make an AOSP version of this without google services? Also what about the lag that happens on Android 10 roms, is it present here?

Thanks in advance,

AOSP version is what is uploaded and shared. I have not shared the GApps version.

This is on Android 11. Performance seems to be quite good according to me.

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Ok, thanks for your answer. Btw I know that it’s Android 11 but on Android 10 ROMs I notice a huge performance decrease compared to Fairphone OS and the only ROMs that work fine that I’ve tested are Android 9.

Thanks for your efforts! AOSiP brought me to the LOS crowd when I was still using a Moto G5 Plus.

Hope you can answer my questions:

  1. Can one SIM be switched off when two are installed?
  2. Does Bluetooth support AptX HD (guess not, since it’s proprietary) or SBC HD Audio modes? This should be visible in the BT per-device options as a selector switch

I expect these to be simply according to what LOS 18.1 has, but since I’m still on LOS 17.1, I would appreciate your info.


Would need some testing. Unfortunately I am not a dual SIM user so I am unable to check.

Should work if it’s working on LOS 18.1


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