Roaming Warning - while not roaming

I keep getting Roaming warning messages, when dailing and SMS’ing, while on my home network (Voiceworks - NL)

I have set the Roaming warning to ‘warn only once’ in the settings, but I still get a warning every time. Only switching the roaming warning completely off will help - but this is clearly nog something you want, nor expect.

It seems the phone does not recognise my home network - it is delivered over the KPN network, so i’m told, so this must be confusing to the software. Other phones do not have this issue with the Voiceworks network, so clearly there is some kind of workaround possible.

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Hi Berend,

you’re right: Voicework is a so-called ‘mobile virtual network operator’ (MVNO) using the KPN network which means that two networks use the same identification codes and this is confusing. At the beginning, a lot of FP owners in different countries experienced this. Since then, every update of the FP OS has extended the list of recognised MVNOs, thus eliminating the issue for most users. But apparently Voicework/KPN has been overlooked - or maybe is it a new operator?

You could send a message to the support team and ask them to add this to their ‘to do-list’. In the meantime I guess you’ll have to live with it.

‘Only once’ means, as I’ve understood it, ‘only once during this session’, so after each reboot the message will reappear.

In most cases it will be safe to disable the warning permanently. If you live close to the border, picking up Belgian or German networks that are roaming partners to your own network, there is a risk that you’ll be charged roaming fees if the phone connects to the ‘wrong’ network. To avoid this you could select your network manually (System Settings > Wireless & Networks - More… > Mobile networks > Network operators > Select manually ). When going abroad you must of course change this setting.

If you also want to disable the little ‘R’ indicator (while waiting for a software update), it can be done in the tweaking app Gravity Box. A little trickier to install compared to standard apps, but fairly easy. GB also gives you other practical options, e.g. disabling the 2nd SIM icon (if you don’t use a 2nd SIM card), allowing for 360 degrees screen rotation, and much more.


Just wanted to check if you had Fairphone OS v1.6 installed on your phone? You can check this in the Fairphone Updater app.

I am running 1.6

‘Only once’ does not work, it still warns with every outgoing call - with noi reboot in between.
I have made the change to never warn as it was to annoying.

How do I send a message to the support team. I have contacted Voiceworks, they have spoken to Fairphone, and they relayed to me that they were told that I should post on the forum - which seems odd.

To contact support, go to this page and scroll to the bottom and click ‘Send a Question’