Roaming issue in Korea : can't change the network type

Hello !

Today I decided to finally use the second slot of my FP2 and put my french SIM card into it.
Everything was working perfectly well with my previous old phone but now, I don’t have any network for the french SIM card.
I tried the manual search of network, automatic one, shutting off the phone several time but nothing is working and the message is always the same : “error while searchink for networks”

I am in south Korea and I think I know why it is not working : the “preferred network type” is frozen in grey in the mode “2G only”.
However, when I checked the networks in Korea, 2G is not working and only 3G 2100MHz is compatible.
And I can’t change it !! I don’t know why.
Activating data roaming doesn’t change anything.
And because my previous phone had a normal SIM slot, I can’t even put it back in !

Help ?

Thanks !

Annyeong haseyo!

I think I had a similar issue when I was in South Korea, but with the FP1. It was related to that if you use Dual-SIM only one slot is able to use 3G/4G, while the other one is on 2G. And as you already stated by yourself there is no 2G network available in South Korea, they start with 3G (at least to my best knowledge…). Somewhere hidden in the preferences I was able to switch network type between the two SIM cards, so I could at least decide which SIM Card to use.

I couldn’t find anything in the tech. spec. of the FP2 if it supports full Dual-SIM or is limited as the FP1. But you can check very easy if you take out the other SIM card. If your French SIM card is working, than you know at least that you FP2 is limited to one SIM card in South Korea.


That is indeed the case: only one SIM can run in 3G/4G mode.
So you first need to set the other SIM to 2G, then you can change the other SIM to 3G.
Go to
all apps - settings - more - cellular network settings
To make these changes.

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That is right, but as there is no 2G network in South Korea (which is already said above), the SIM set to 2G only will not work, that means you can only use one SIM card (no Dual-SIM) there.

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Thank to you all for your fast answers !

The impossibility to switch both slots on 3G is what I gathered too.
Well, at least the french sim card is working when I switch the 3G network for it. :slight_smile:
I will check it time to time.

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