Roaming icon permanantly shown in home country

I am from Austria and use a BOB Sim card (a brand of A1 Telekom Austria) at my FP2, but the roaming icon stays permanently. I don´t live near a border, so I ignored this problem the last few months, but it is annoying not to know which kind of internet supply I use in the moment (4G/3G/…) and I am afraid, that I will oversee it at any time, which will lead to a massive bill.
Have anyone of you an idea how to fix that bug?

Thank you very much!
With kind regards, Belarofone

Last week I had that problem too when I came back to Austria from Croatia. Taking the SIM out, rebooting and putting it back in didn’t help. Then I put it in my FP1 and after a few moments the problem disappeared and switching back to FP2 I could see “H+” again instead of “R”.
No idea what actually did the trick though.
I’m in Paris atm and when I get back I’ll see if the problem reappears and what really helps to solve it.

Maybe this helps:

Auch ich bin bei bob und habe das selbe Problem, nur wohne ich nahe einer Grenze und Data-Roaming zu erlauben könnte sehr teuer werden. Bisher keine Lösung.

If things work out I was able to arrange that this problem with bob is cleared in the next update. Hurrah!

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