Roadmap for Android 10 /e/OS for FP3 and FP3+

/e/ Foundation outlining their roadmap for /e/OS on the FP3 and the FP3+ – key points:

  • Android 10 /e/OS to be tested this month (September) and planned for official release by the end of October 2020. The new FP3 & FP3+ camera modules will not be supported on /e/ before the release of Android 10 /e/OS.

  • Easy Installer (developed by @Ingo :slight_smile: ) to be released “very soon”.

For all details, see their official Medium post:


We also plan on adding the FP3+ with /e/OS to our web store for anyone looking for a turnkey solution. The camera modules will also be available for existing customers.

This reads like the modules could be purchasable via the /e/ store but I think I’m reading too much into that.

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Eager to be part of the /e/ Android 10 beta testing :wink:


I would also like to take part in the beta tests

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Sorry for redirecting this thread a bit. I am currently on a fp2 with Fp os and will be switching to the 3+ soon. Is the e/os the no1 go to os for escaping data hunters like google for fp3+? Any experiences or opinions on this?


There is LineageOS 16.0 soon coming out officially for FP3(+), for the moment unofficial:

See the general discussion thread about it:


@Volker Any hint on whether /e/OS beta testing is open for new testers and if yes, how so?

Yes, it’s open. But there’s no image for FP3 available yet. There was one (alpha test) for FP2 but as the image seems to create boot problems on all devices the image has been retreated and the test is awaiting an updated/working image.

EDIT: the current /e/ OS Q alpha device test list can be found here


There’s now Android 10 /e/OS beta for FP3/FP3+: