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I’ve copied several ringtones and music files (all .mp3) onto my FP 1.6’s SD card, into folders Ringtones/ and Music/, respectively.

Problem is that the ringtones show up in the stock Android music player as well as in Vanilla music player; so I think the problem lies with with the media scanner. My impression is that the media scanner should qualify them as ringtones by the folder they’re in.

I have cleared the media storage data and re-scanned media, but that did’t change anything.

Any hints where to look or what to do?

In VLC for Android you can specify the directories you want to include in the music library. This might be a workaround. On the other hand VLC is still in the beta phase and crashes under certain circumstance.

This week I installed shuttle, a very nice music player that can blacklist sound files. As it looks, you have to blacklist each ringtone separately (not on a folder basis or I haven’t found it yet), but for me with a few ringtones and videos that showed up this was a minor issue

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Try to create an empty file named “.nomedia” in the ringtone folder and do a rescan. This will exclude the files from being added to your music library, but I’m not sure whether they will still be available as ringtones.

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I tried that one before, but then it is not found as ringtone anymmore

Of course I found media scanner’s .nomedia feature in my search for a solution. But given its description it didn’t seem to do what I wanted - remove the “this is music” marker from ringtone mp3’s while keeping them as ringtones.

So, I’ll probably remove my (500+) ringtones from the SD card and keep only a few, which I will then move into /system/media/audio/ringtones.

Yes, that should do it.
I have stored my personal ringtones in the “Ringtones” directory of the phone memory and none of them show up in the music player.

I think only that directory is excluded, while all on the SD card are scanned, even if named “Ringtones”.

It’s very easy, just convert the ringtones to ogg files and you are done.

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