Ringtones not to be found

Does anyone know how I can get the original FP2-ringtones back? Ever since I uploaded a couple of mp3’s so serve as ringtone, I can only choose between these (3); the original ringtones seem to have gone missing in action.

When you go to Settings–> Sound & notification–> phone ringtone and then select the app “media storage” to complete the action, you should see all ringtones.

If you’re not asked which app you want to use and a file browser is opened, then you’ll have to reset this preference.

Unfortunately, I only know how to reset the preferences of all apps (Settings–>Apps–> 3 dot menue–> Reset app preferences).

Maybe it’s also possible for each file type, but I don’t know how.

Well, I could try. Further info: the mp3-ringtones are to be found in this directory: /storage/emulated/0/ringtones. So, when I try to access my ringtones via settings>sound & notification>phone ringtone I am redirected or directed to this folder. I did sth wrong in the past, but I don’t know what. Maybe @paulakreuzer knows?

I would try: rename the folder “ringtones” to perhaps “eiffelturm”, so the settings-app is fooled and has to do something about that.

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