Right side of touchscreen doesn't work… at all!

It is on autorotate and tilting the phone doesn’t change anything. The bottom/top part doesn’t sense any touch. Good thing however, that way I can at least text people.
No answering phone calls though…
I’ll work on it.

Ok backed up all my data and did the factory reset. Still not working.
Guess I’m sending it in to have it repaired.
Thanks a lot anyways guys!

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Good Luck, i am pretty sure there should be no issues with replacing, as this is a common issue! Let us know how it worked out.

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Will do! Thanks again! :smile:

I have the same problem here.
What is the solution? Posting a ticket to the support with a picture of a screentest? Sendig in the FP to repair it?

Yes, post a ticket to support with a picture of a screentest so that support can give to details how to send your phone to them.

If you think you have a hardware defect, I would suggest to ask the support team how to proceed and what to do.

"Hi, sorry, I couldn’t introduce myself on the right page.
On Friday, January 10th, my FP1 (first batch) suddenly had a problem : the middle part of my screen is not reacting anymore. I found the following thread and did as requested ( ✏ How to test your touchscreen for abberant behaviour (is it a hardware or software failure?) ) I took a photo but it seems I can’t upload it here…
I can no longer use my fairphone as the middle screen is where most of the useful touches are (including the numbers to enter the pin).

I sent 2 mails and added the photo to support and i still haven’t heard from them… Anybody can help? Is my fairphone already dead ? I bought it only 2 years and a half ago… I am so disappointed.
Thank you in advance.

Here is the photo

To speed up the process you could call them. The phone number can be found at the bottom of this page.

Thank you very much for replying. I thought of it but English is not my
language (I’m French) and I don’t know if I could explain very well the
problem by phone.

They have francophones in the team. I’m sure they would be very happy to help you in French.

Thank you again, I 'll try.
I love my Fairphone and I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful
adventure !
Have a good day.

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Please come back after you have tried it and tell us about your experience! :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Saturday I have postet a request on the Support. Today I recived an answer. I have to create a repair request in the Fairphone Repair Portal.
Bon voyage FP1U!

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Hi, it’s me again. I’ve tried to phone but nobody answers. Soon 3 weeks
and no news about my support message…and I have no more phone !
I tried to find another way of contact with the team but it seems that
the only way is the support.
I don’t know what to do anymore. I see that some people received an
answer though.

Ok, I’m adding in @anon48893843 from Customer Support. Could you help out here, please?

Thanks Stefan. I just got an answer after I posted a request in French
! They have problems and it might take up to 8 working days to provide
me with an answer.
At least I got an answer ! Wait and see. I hope that the photo -which is
the test result- will tell what the problem is.
Thanks again for your help.

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just for people who have the same problem:

the problem with a partly working touchscreen is that the digitizer does not work because the connector under the display has become loose. i had this problem with my google nexus and my fairphone. in my opinion this might even be planned obsolence, as it is pretty unlikely that two out of two touchscreens from different manufacturers have the exact same problem. i can see on both models that underneath the display the connection has been lost (it is a little spot). i could not see it in the beginning, when the fairphone and the nexus began to have the partly not responding touchscreen problems.

to fix it you have to change the display, as there is no possibility to reach underneath the display as far as i know.