Right side of the screen unresponsive

Hi! I’m one of the first Fairphone 2 adopters. But the right side of my screen isn’t very responsive. I installed a drawing application and as you can see there’s a small bar on the right side which you can’t touch: http://i.imgur.com/nS6S7Es.jpg.

It causes me to not use the letter ‘p’ on my keyboard, which is a bit annoying. I tried to pull off my screen to check if there’s dirt between the connectors but since I am not able to pull of my screen without thinking I might break my Fairphone 2 in too multiple Fairphones I am pretty sure that dust is not a problem.

What should I do? Should I buy a new screen module? Or is it a software problem? Is there a rescue menu where you can ‘reset’ the touch screen?

Sounds like a hardware problem that in my opinion should be covered by warranty.

Though taking off the display unit and make sure the contacts are clean still would be a good idea to try.

Have a look at this:

Just did this to see if there was an improvement but there isn’t. Hmm…

I’m going to check the contacts later today if I finally manage to take the screen off.

Can be a bit thoug the first time.
Have a look at this:

Hi grdw,
I had the same problem (Kids Paint made colorful horizontonal lines instead of vertical monochrome ones)) on the right side. Changing the display within warranty was no problem and within 2 weeks I got a new one. Send a screenshot of your Koids painting to the support team and they will give you instructions how to go one.

This is a know issue with the touchscreen. There’s an article here: My display / screen is not working properly

I had this issue already twice, and got a new touchscreen module in exchange each time.

Thanks for all the help!

I managed to take off the screen and ‘clean the contacts’ but that didn’t really help. For others who have troubles getting it off: I used a thin piece of paper and very careful put it between the sides. Than it lifted up by 0.1 mm and it came of quiet easy.

About getting a new display module
I am not really in the state where I can give my phone away for a couple of weeks because I have no other phone. Also the display modules are sold out in the store :scream: . So I’ll just wait until a new one arrives in the store and just buy a new one. It’s not that the screen is damaged in any way, I just can’t miss the phone for longer than two days tops.

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You don’t have to give away the whole phone. Standard operating procedure is, you just send them the old screen module and get a new one in exchange. You can keep the rest of the phone.

DHL Express (their carrier of choice, at least for Germany) takes about one day each way. Unfortunately, after my package arrived at Fairphone, they left it in the shelf for some days, until I nudged them a little :slight_smile:

So, at least theoretically, this exchanging of screen modules could work within 2 days, I guess. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I understand that part but of what use is the phone without the screen module?

Sounds like it could.

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