Right most LED blinking when putting in right earbud

Hello there!
I got the True Whireless Earbuds (Modell: EARB-1ZW) and used them for a while now. They are realy great but since yesterday something seems wrong. When I put the right earbud in the case the LEDs on the case behave strangely. They turn off and only the most right one starts blinking quite fast. It only stops when I remove the right earbud and close the case. I cant find anything in the users manual nor the FAQ on fairphones website. The right earbud also does not seem to work so im concerned it is broken or something. Does anyone know what ths behavior could mean?

Thanks in advance

Have you already tried the reset procedure as described in the Pairing | Unpair section here?

If that does not help, I’d recommend you write to Fairphone Support.

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Thanks for the quick answer, realy aprecheate it.
I have followed the Unpair section and sadly the behavior hasn’t changed. But after i let the buds sit inside the case for a while after that, just to find out if the blinking would stop, I recognised a rise in themperature in the right bud. It got warm real fast. So now I suspect a defect either of th circutry or at worst the batery and treat the right bud accordingly.
Think I might be over the support window but at least i can buy a seperate spare one. Repair would be better but beggers cant be chossers I guess.

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I strongly recomend every other user reading this who experiences this kind of behavior (the very most right LED blinking when a bud is inserted ito the case) to stop using that bud as it might have a battery failure or other problem that might be causing harm, just to be save. I will be in contact with the support and post a final update if i get more infos about the issue so this blinking error message is properly documented

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Hi @MrUrage,

I am experiencing almost the same issue, except in my case it is the left most LED blinking, and the left earbud which does not work. I did not notice the earbud getting warm: as soon as I noticed the blinking, I took it out to see what was going on, and started searching for what the issue could be.

Did you get any help from support? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @CarlosM,
the support send me a replacement for the right earbud. But sadly they couldn’t provide any further information about the behavior concerning the rapidly blinking LED. I think its a sign of some electrical failure in the bud corresponding to the side which is blinking. But the Fairbuds are not really intended to be repaired neither from user or even the company itself as they just sent a brand new one. It seems to be a cooperation with another company producing the buds and thus they were not designed with Fairphones Design-Philosophy in mind. Hope it helps a little although I couldn’t provide a solid solution for the problem. And actually the bud they sent me died only a few weeks later. I was the 4th time they had a critical issue and I couldn’t be bothered to request a new one. I decided to ditch the Fairbuds and get another brand as the Fairbuds seem to have serious technical issues.

Hi @MrUrage ,
Thanks for your quick reply. Ok, too bad it is not something that can be fixed, but at least it is good to know what my options are.