Review Xcloud game streaming on Fairphone 3+

The question here is : Can we play real games like Resident Evil 7 or Read dead Redemption on Fairphone 3 ?

Yes, you can ! With Xcloud via Xbox Game Pass app on Play Store and a gamepad.

Wifi 5ghz is required !

Here you can see below my " A plague Tale : Innocence" session on the Fairphone 3+ with a bluethooth Xbox gamepad.

Now we can say that playing huge games on Fairphone is possible. :ok_hand:


Quality of such should be akin to streaming video. Latency might be slightly higher than gaming on a console due to WLAN. I guess 2.4 GHz doesn’t yield enough throughput?

No, 2.4ghz is just to slow. But with 5ghz it’s really smoth

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Hmm I seem to suffer terrible controller lag. The Xbox cloud game didn’t quite work on my connection which was somewhere jumping between 4g/3g but then was too laggy to play Alto, a non Xbox non cloud game too. Did you have to fiddle around with any controller settings or did it just work?

Shadow also seem to recommend wired or 5 GHz (specifically).

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