Review of the FP3 by Lew Later

I have to agree with him. Mass market this phone won’t do well since people want the latest and greatest especially at the price the FP3 will be sold at. Its like Tesla. Yeah its electric but if you’e telling people that if you want an electric car they have to compromise on performance then they won’t buy it en mass. How the phone looks is a big factor in how people look for phones. I’m tempted to buy the Galaxy S10 5G. Its in our nature to want the greatest and latest stuff especially in men when it comes to technology. The only reason I haven’t got it is because I’m using my brain. Unfortunately others are not like me and will give into temptation. The market as a whole will not give a shit about the phones ethics if it looks ugly and has shite specs compared to its price. That’s why Google failed with their modular phone plan. Lew Later On The Fairphone 3 - YouTube

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Well, I answer not having watched the video, but based on your posting only.
I agree to some point only.
The phone really comes with a hefty price-tag for its specs.
Still the specs alone are quite ok.
In my opinion not everyone wants the best and latest technology. There are quite a few people out there, who really consider what they want, what they need and what they are willing to pay. Alle the manufacturers offer a lot of phones with equal or lower specs because of that.
And those top gadgets and high-end phones cost twice as much as the FP3.

I guess many people decide on the phone they buy because of looks/design. That of course is very personal and FP’s possibilities are limited due to the modular design.
Still I read quite a few comments and reviews expressing the love of the design.

In the end I agree, that the Fairphone 3 will likely not sell like all those Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola … phones. And that’s even a good thing, as I guess, that Fairphone would not be able to handle that kind of demand right away.

Growth in sales for Fairphone is good and I expect this to happen with this phone, but it has to be healthy.
Let’s hope for the best.


Its in our nature to want the greatest and latest stuff especially in men when it comes to technology

[citation needed]

140,000 FP2s were sold, warts and all. The Second Life edition sold out in no time. FP3s are being pre-ordered at an impressive rate.

It is wholly unsurprising that industry shills with ad-supported YouTube shows will sarcastically pan the FP3 for having a chin, and a forehead, and bezels, and just generally not looking identical to every cookie-cutter, overadvertised, malware-infested, unethical, unrepairable smartphone currently on the market.

And I’ve no doubt that consequently, the rarefied breed of extremely online weirdos who count themselves among this quippy twit’s audience have already taken out their calipers and decided that the screen/bezel ratio of the FP3 is unacceptable, or that the fact that it doesn’t have fourteen cameras is a laughable anachronism.

But outside of the maze of echo chambers that is YouTube, I think enough people are sufficiently smart to see through the bought-and-paid-for ‘opinions’ of sarcastic manchildren who make a living filming themselves taking phones out of boxes. The vast majority of people, all of whom will live their lives blissfully unaware of the video you linked, just require a working phone that has the necessaries and fits in their pocket. Doubt that all you will, but if the FP1 and FP2 have proven anything, it’s that it’s way more feasible than anyone suspected to get people to invest in products that are less flashy and fashionable and more user-servicable, functional and ethical.


Fairphone 3 is ugly? I think it’s beautiful. Really. Not as beautiful as the 2, but still refreshingly different. Fashion trends are hard to predict, but who knows, maybe the 3 will find favour with people looking for ‘retro’ look.
As for ugly, I love this patent for a notch solution. Doesn’t it look like a face? I really do think outward notches are a beautiful solution by the way:


Did anybody say or think that the mass market as a whole will buy Fairphone 3? Of course it’s still a niche, the only thing we can hope for is that it will be a growing niche. And as for sustainability and fairness: no need that everybody in the world buys a Fairphone. Fairphone is the pioneer, the big players might follow, with tiny steps I’m afraid, but I hope over time they will follow.