Review available of the modular earphones?

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Anyone know of a review of the new Fairphone modular earphones? Was wondering about their technical specifications - which are unfortunate missing from the shop page at https://shop.fairphone.com/en/modular-earphones
How good do they sound?

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Find some technical specs here (in the photos):

Soundwise, I have to say that after a couple of weeks, they’re not really my taste. Bear in mind my only comparison is a very simple Sony set of earphones (Sony MDR-EX15AP) and compared to those, the impression is clearly that the Fairphone earphones provide much stronger bass/lows which might be partly due to the much better physical seal their build ensures. In contrast, I miss some trebles (I am still wondering if the Sony’s imperfect seal just gives me a wrong impression of clearer trebles or if the trebles are really more pronounced on the Sony). My favourite song just won’t excite me that much with the Fairphone earphones. :wink: There is no distortion or the like though. I saw 1-2 other users praising the basses.

Despite my initial skepticism when I was reading the decibel specs on the box, the volume level is pretty decent (significantly louder than my Sony’s).

I had to get accustomed to the different way to wear these earphones (see the latest blog entry for a helpful photo). But in contrast to the ambiguous sound experience, this is something I grew somewhat accustomed to, although obviously, it is still a bigger hassle to put the Fairphone earphones on and take them off.

Very good: The cable isn’t just replaceable, it’s also more solid than on my Sony which makes for much smaller issues with entanglement. This cable hardly entangles at all from my experience (note: I do store them hanging vertically down their whole length from a shelf at home).

For more practical observations, see the link.

P.S.: Johan, allow me to – just once – recommend these folks in your town :angel:


Thank you Urs for the detailed review of the earphones! I placed my order already yesterday - couldn’t wait. :slight_smile: And Alexander already reached out to me. Looking forward to the next Düsseldorf Fairphone meetup.


I just got my pair of the “modular earphones” and the build quality is excellent. The “memory foam” ear plugs indeed give the best seal and the best “bass” experience. The plugs which are installed by default didn’t really provide a nice “seal” for me and made the music sound tinny. Disadvantage of the “memory foam” plugs is that they block out basically all outside sound - giving you a super immersive experience. Btw, testing the phones with Faith No More - Midlife Crisis :wink:

Update: tested the earphones on my bike ride home and I think these must have been designed (or picked) by Dutch as they are fantastic while riding the bike! Still plenty of traffic awareness and yet they block out most of the wind noise (with biggest plugs). The cord is just about the right size (I’m 186cm) and the material seems to prevent tangling.

Update 2: So even-though the earphones work well on Android, they don’t work that well when connected to a MacBook (Model 2016). The microphone works, but audio quality is not as good as with the standard Apple earphones. Also the remote control commands for setting volume are troublesome. This might mostly have something to do with Apple’s notorious proprietary specs which cannot always be implemented by other hardware manufacturers. The buttons on the Fairphone earphones a little hard-to-press in general. I often cannot find the actual buttons; the indentations are a little too shallow.


Thanks Urs and Johan for your input here! I am in need of a new headset and am seriously considering buying the fairphone modular earphones, but I can’t find any other reviews on them, other than what you have both written.
If anybody else has any input (if if Urs or Johan have any updates) I would be very grateful to read it. Of particular interest to me is how well the microphone functions during calls. With past headsets I have found the weakness is most often the ability of my headset to transmit my voice clearly to whoever I am calling.
I have a bluetooth headset that works well, but I am more comfortable with a wired headset.

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So far really happy with the set. The only thing really getting used to is the irresponsive and hard to find buttons of the remote. So far everyone I talked to with using the earphones microphone have had no issues and were able to understand me loud and clear. It did pick up wind noises while I was cycling, but which mic doesn’t. The biggest issue is perhaps that these earphones don’t solve the issue with unplugged earphones and audio no longer working. That seems something to be fixed in the firmware or software of Android or the FP3 itself.


Just so it’s easier to find for others – I made some very basic functionality tests mainly on an FP2 under various operating systems:

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