Reverting to Stock Android after e/os

Hi all

I just got my new fairphone 3+ and would love to de-google it by installing e/os. Can I revert back to Android though if I don’t like it for whatever reason?

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/e/OS is an Android OS, too, for what it’s worth, but yes, you can …

" This article will also help you to revert to Fairphone OS if you installed a different Operative System (OS)."


Hi Fiona,
/e/OS looks and feels a lot like the iPhone’s iOS. If that’s what your looking for, go for it.
I you’re not sure, maybe try a de-googled Android ROM closer to the original experience, like LineageOS for microG.

/e/OS is built on LineageOS for microG.


As long as you are using their default launcher Bliss, yes, which you don’t have to.

If you just don’t like the look of an Android OS, you don’t need to change the OS, you just install a launcher you like more.
The other way around you wouldn’t have to abandon LineageOS just because you perhaps don’t like their default launcher Trebuchet :wink:Android 7 Nougat / 8 Oreo / 9 Pie: Home screens / Launchers

And LineageOS doesn’t degoogle much apart from not preinstalling Google Apps and services, which they couldn’t do in a legal fashion anyway, but ok, it’s something.
There is more than that …


Thank you very much!

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