Revert back to stock Android from Lineage OS

Hey everyone,
I hope someone can help me here. When I got my FP2 some years ago, a friend helped me install LineageOS.
After I have switched to an FP3+, I don’t need it any longer, and my wife is interested. But she only wants the standard Android (she has used Android forever and is not keen to learn something new). While I find that a questionable choice, I nevertheless want to help her being able to use my old phone.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to revert my FP2 back to the original state it shipped in? (Or alternatively, re-install a current Android in all its Google glory.)
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

This official guide should be a good starting point: Manually install Fairphone OS for the Fairphone 2 – Support


@perdittmann I fully recommend Ingo’s suggestion, but be aware this currently installs Android 7.1.2 on your FP2 (the installation file in the instructions will sooner or later be replaced by an Android 9 installation file). Once you have done that, you can upgrade to Android 9 (Fairphone OS 21.03.0): First update the Fairphone Updater app to version 1.50.2 in the Play Store , then use the Updater app to upgrade to Android 9. :slight_smile:


At some place or other they were quicker with the replacement …


This offers both the Windows 10 and MacOS manual installation instructions and files:

The Linux link is broken right now.


And then life happened. Sorry for not replying (any sooner), and thank you for your help. I finally managed to look into it, and it worked like a charm.
Many thanks for all your answers and have a beautiful day!


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