Reuse FP3 Screen protector

Hello people,

I just bought a used FP3 Case, and got a used Screen protector for free on top. The problem is it has been lying on dust. So the sticky side is full with Dust-particals and some hair.

As the sense of fairphone Products and additions is a sort of sustainability. I wanted ask if somebody has Experience of reusing these materials. I guess if i wash down the dust and dirt, the stickyside will stop being sticky. Is there a spray to get it sticky again?

Happy for any suggestions.


you would have to clean the sticky side and then apply the sticky stuff again so it sticks to the glass of your mobilephone. considering the effort you would be on a cheaper way just to buy a new one. I bought Dipos Display protection. So far its good and they are cheap. Before that I had a 30bugs one which saved my screen when it fell down.

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