Returning Fairphone 2 for Refund

Does anyone know if I can return my phone for a refund? As much as I wanted to love it, and I do think the concept is great, the phone is really poor. Random reboots happen frequently and at the worst times (when using satnav etc) the phone will often have a black screen, with no inputs from the off/hold button recognised to reboot the phone the only way I can fix it is to take the battery out, constantly taking the back cover off has left it out of shape and cracked. The camera also fails to focus when recording video, and the battery life is pretty terrible. Considering I’ve paid over £450 this really doesn’t seem good enough.

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I guess you are asking for the 14 days time limit before “cool-off” (FP term) after receipt of the device .

May I still ask about your experience with FP’s support ?

As @anon9505190 said, there is a 14day cool-off period, within which you can return the phone for a refund.

If that is over, then you have 2 years warranty. So if the solutions in the forum don’t help you to solve your problems, get it fixed under warranty, and you’ll have a properly working phone.

Hi Dom,

did you try to install the updates?

There are huge threads refering to these problems here and here .

What did you end up doing?! I feel quite similar to you. The ethos and concept are great, but the execution is poor. 14 days passed before I began having problems.

Proximity sensor
Bluetooth non-functioning
Random reboots
100% Auxiliary jack malfunction
Broken bottom module / microphone
Frequent frozen screens
Unacceptably slow ‘customer service’.
FP Updates changed settings (that took lots of effort to set up)
WiFi doesn’t always connect.

I bought a phone not an experiment. How could returning the phone to FP possibly fix these issues?!

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LIkewise here, from a proud ambassador , i now became a poor advocate for this concept.
Ik dont want to slack them off, but this is just not acceptable, last week i got a parking fine due to the proximity sensor problems .
Today i woke up and my phone doe f*** all, i am really pissed of/ other than an excuse like they already put out in the community there seems to be no way to ge a solution/ or refund on my phone.
Which is kind of strange, i mean if they truly believe in their phone, it should be easy for them to sell it, even as a used one…

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