Restoring renamed backups with TWRP


I love TWRP’s backup function and I use it at least once a month - before each update.
But since the system thinks it’s 1970 (see bug) the resulting names of the backups are useless to determine which backup was created when. (You can only tell from the date of the backup how long it has been since the last clock reset - which happens e.g. when you flash a new OS).

For the community FP2 I wanted to create a folder on the external SD card with backups of different OSs and give them names that are easy to understand.

Once I move a backup out of TWRP’s backup folder and rename it I can’t get TWRP to recognize it anymore.
Does anybody know where exactly to put the backup and how to name it so it will work?

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I cannot answer your question directly, but I wonder if you could just try to use a custom backup name when creating the backup. I have used TWRP and entered my own names when doing the back, because I disliked TWRPs filenames and it worked.

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Once I move a backup out of TWRP’s backup folder

I think that’s the problem, :slight_smile:

But shouldn’t moving it back undo the mistake?

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