Restore sms and other data from computer

I did copy all folders from my phone to the computer before reset. Now my question is if I can get all sms and other data back? It would also be nice to restore my settings, like ring tone, e-mail settings and others.
Should I transfer some files back to the phone? Which ones?

Sorry, but I have the feeling that this is going to get complicated. I take it you only copied folders, and you did not perform a Backup using either the out-of-the-box ‘Backup and Restore’ app or a 3rd party backup app like TitaniumBackup?

I’m not sure at all if SMS and e-mail settings can be copied back from folders. Ringtones should be able to be copied back, but you would need to select them again - the file will be on your PC, but the setting will be gone (since it’s a system or program setting).

I feel terrible not being able to say something more constructive, but you really should use a backup software next time…

All the settings are stored in folders, but in system directories. If you access the phone via e.g. Windows explorer, you only see the user data, like music and pictures. But the data from the SMS app can’t be seen in Windows explorer.

So @JohannaSorensen did you copy only the files which you saw in Windows explorer/Mac?

This is exactly what I did:

  1. I was tired of not being able to download or update apps for some time.
  2. I found this information: How do I upgrade to the unified storage partition (for first edition Fairphone owners)?. It was recommended in a forum about my problem.
  3. I was directed to the backup information: How to backup and restore your Fairphone
  4. There I could read that “It’s possible to back up your phone by moving all your important files
    to your computer. Just connect your Fairphone to a computer (check here how to do this), and by using a Google Account.”
  5. I tranfered the whole folder (it had the same name as my phone, “Agnes”), containing all files on my phone, to my computer via USB.
  6. I continued with step 2 to 5 on the upgrade information page.

I could not read anything about SMS backup in the backup information page, therefore I thought this was included in “all your important files”.

It is not a big deal if I cannot get my SMS’ back, but I would like to try. It is great to be able to download apps again, which was the goal – now things are so much easier.

I forgot to write one thing: I was prepared to do all settings manually, as this is mentioned on the backup information page, and I have done most of it now. I was not prepared to loose all my SMS’, as this it not mentioned anywhere. I thought they where a part of “all your important files”. Probably it should be clearly spelled out on the information page that this is not the case.


Yeah, the information about backup is quite misleading… :frowning:

I am sorry that you lost your SMS!

next time use gcloud - this is a pretty good backup appp

titanium backup is pretty complicated and i have used it for some time now and purchased the “Pro” version as well. gcloud is my tipp for people that just want to backup their files quickly. as you can select to sync contacts / sms / photos as you like this is not very “dangerous” for regular people and a quick and easy solution. as most people already use google everyday the “danger” of uploading your contact and messages to a service such as gcloud is not very high

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I appreciate this probably wasn’t the answer you looking for, but I will pass on feedback about the instructions.

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