Restore from another device's backup onto FP2

I have FP2 for almost half a year and it has been a pain. I did not do much positive advertisement for FairPhone since everyone kind of laughs at me - because of a multitude of HW and OS issues. At some point I had to send the phone to factory and it was replaced with a new one. In the meantime, I was using another device (not FP2) and now I want to go back to FP2.

  1. I was able to backup older FP2 to google drive
  2. I was able to restore from most recent FP2 backup onto my spare Huawei phone with Android. It was readable, all app were there, all my preferences, even the most recent chats on dating apps.
  3. Then I did backup of Huawei on google drive after a month of usage.
  4. New FP2 has arrived - so I have tried a restore on it. Impossible! The only option that phone gives me in set-up wizzard was to restore from month old FP2 backup - but not from fresh Huawei backup. Why??? I checked on google drive and the backup from Huawei is there. FP2 just does not see it or ignores it.

If other Android phones have no issues restoring Fairphone backup, why does Fairphone have issues restoring other Android backups?

A month of my work on phone is lost!

Then, I attempted restore at least from that month-old FP2 backup … some apps did not restore, some restored without data, some restored in a way, that Google Play Store see them installed, but they are not listed among apps in the “dotted menu”, so I cannot drag-n-drop them on desktop.

Is there any sensible ways how to fix this?
Is there a way how to restore apps one-by-one, additionally (after general restore) from selected Google Drive backup - somehow?

Guys, this is not a special feature, but a basic functionality for the most undemanding smartphone user!

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I moved your post here to avoid duplicate topics … already mentioned here were this support article …

… as well as this …

… and in English it’s called factory reset, which can be found in the Settings.

Please keep in mind that this is a community forum, not the company.
If you want to contact the company, #contactsupport has all the info.

This is not a duplicate topic of any of the shared posts you mention. Please don’t read just the headline, but read the body of my message.

  1. I have read article how to back up my phone hundred times. It is irrelevant for this issue, since it suggests how to restore from Google backup in “ideal” case - if the backup is from FairPhone device, not other Android phones - which is my issue.

  2. I know what is “factory reset”. Please note this is topic on restore, not backup or reset. I have done “factory reset” several times - even in this case - just curious to see if after second time I reset the phone, it will give me option to restore from another Android phone backup, stored at Google drive. It did not. The only backups FP can see are those made particularly from FP.

I was trying to google this particular situation (restore from Android/Huawei/other phone -> FP2), but it just does not exist. That’s why I opened a new topic.

The other topic is “Retrieve Google backup data”.
That’s what you are trying to do.
But I reopened your topic here.

Please don’t just assume I didn’t.
How else would I have found the other topic? You didn’t specify in the topic title that you want to restore a Google backup.

So you have read “Need more help? Contact our support team!” a hundred times?

You didn’t say that before, and it helped the other user when the setup wizard didn’t show the Google backup at first.
Sorry for thinking about your problem … “I want to go home and rethink my life” :slight_smile: .

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