Restore from a Samsung backup

Hi all!
I just got my FP3+ in the door!

Just before my old phone (a Samsung A-405) died, I managed to make a backup using the internal “dump backup to SD-card” tool that they provided. I tried the abd route too, but that failed (it was getting really flaky). Then, I copied that backup onto a backup medium, so I have it on my GNU/Linux box. I haven’t backed up to Google Drive, I don’t like all my data to reside there.

Now, I’m wondering how much of that can be recovered and put back to the new FP3+, as I don’t know how much of that is proprietary Samsung stuff, and what tools I can use to do it. The backup contains two directories on the root level, name “Android” and “SmartSwitchBackup”.

It seems the easiest would be to use a USB cable and transfer it from there, but I don’t know how that compare to the adb dump and if adb can be used to restore.

Can anybody please shed some light on this?