[RESOLVED] Disabling the superuser rights


The application that allows me to see my bank accounts online do not want to start because it told me it detected superuser on my phone which is incompatible with their security rights.

The question is how to allow my app to start by disabling the superuser rights? and how?

Hi simonvd:

Be welcome!
…what about a short presentation in the dedicated section?

I’ll try to map the process, from my French FP…

Try this:

  • from your desktop (to go, press the “home” button: the one in the center),
  • then press the left button to get the 4 lines menu to select “system settings”,
  • drop down the “system settings” menu to “system” section and press, “# super-user”,
  • whatever you’ve got on the screen (mine is blank as none of my apps are using “super-user” rights), press left button again to show and press “settings”,
  • choose the “super-user access” which may be the first lines of the security section shown,
  • then choose “disable”…

Please let us know the results to validate my answer.
I thank you in advance!

Welcome at the forum @simonvd
Since the FP is rooted, some apps might refuse to work because of security reasons. You might check out the following post about a solution:


Sebastien thank you but I already did all that and it does not work even after having reboot my phone (which is also a French FP :)).

I install Xposed as @Stefan suggested with the right module and it works great !

Thank you to you both for your suggest and reactiviti !