Reset data limit and warning for FP2

I wish to increase the data limit and set a new warning figure.
I know I have done it previously, but can no longer find where to do it in the settings.

Hi there and welcome :slight_smile:
Are you using the standard Fairphone-OS (Android 7)? according this page you should find it under Settings -> Connections -> Data usage
It depends on your OS-version where you can find it.
With android 9 it’s under Settings -> Network & Internet -> Data usage -> Data warning & limit
You can also use the search-function within your settings to find specific settings.


Upon FP2 go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Data usage > tap upon “grey bar” and “set data usage warning” screen appears, then tap in your new limit.

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My problem is that my allowance has gone up to 1GB from 505MB. That is the figure I can’t seem to change.

Why can you not change this?

Thanks for your interest. I eventually found what I need under the Billing Cycle menu.


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