[RESERVED] Selling FP2 Camera Module 12MP

Hi all.

I have seen that quite some people are looking for the 12 MP Camera Module for the FP2. I have a spare 12 MP camera module for sale as I had issues with my FP2 with the camera connection and first the I got a spare module but then I had finally to sent it in to the support as the core module had to be replaced (my camera worked fine after replacement of core module).

Hence, I have a basically unused 12 MP camera module to offer. I was thinking about 30€ plus shipping cost (sent from Germany, shipping price depends on the destination).

See pictures below.

Best, Roman

Hi, I would be interested, if you can send it to France.
Thanks :wink:

Salut gtanguy

unfortunately, the module is already reserved. If there will be no deal in the end, I will write you again.

Have a nice weekend!


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